Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Flawless Beauty Transformation

I'll start this with a confession although this is embarrassing.

So, I had dark underarms because of a bad reaction to a foot and underarm powder - I won't name the product but it's for the foot and underarm and it's cheap. That was in grade school, when puberty hit and all of the insecurities started to pour in. I used to think that having sweaty underarms will cause bad odor so I started using deodorant even though I don't have B.O. I prevented something to happen and look what I got.

It pretty much became a huge insecurity until now. I can't buy clothes that are sleeveless or even ones that has sleeves but when you raise your arm, it will show a tiny bit of your underarms. Although even before having dark underarms, I never really wore sleeveless clothes because it doesn't suit me, i think? I honestly do not know because I haven't had the chance to wear sleeveless clothes because of that.

As I grew older, I started to work out of that insecurity. I kept researching for methods, home remedies, treatments that would make my underarms lighter and I was a little successful. I use baking soda and sunflower seed oil and my underarms are lighter than before BUT I have lived with the insecurity long enough that I still am not able to wear sleeveless clothes or even see and believe that my underarms are not that dark anymore.

The last method that I found and want to try is Laser Hair Removal

I want this badly but it's too pricey! I even asked my parents to give me this as a graduation gift but they said no. Huhu! I read a lot of reviews that it helps in achieving smoother and lighter underarms. I really envy those who have underarms as smooth as their legs or their face which I call the Hollywood underarm. Most celebrities and singers have underarms like crazy smooth and you really won't see any trace of hair or anything!

Luckily! Nuffnang and Flawless partnered up to give a chance to ladies like me to say bye bye to the insecurities that are holding us back in being the gorgeous ladies that we are. And... If luck would be on my side, I would like to have a Laser Hair Removal done in Flawless so I can have a Flawless, Hollywood underarms I've been dreaming of! It's also about time to debut my underarms! Let them see the light of day! Haha! I will be attending my college's diplomatic dinner ( I study International Relations) in March and I plan on wearing a sleeveless gown and dress on my graduation. I hope I get to feel beautiful and be liberated from the insecurity I've been holding on to.

Also, to celebrate their 11th birthday, Flawless declared December as National Flawless Month. But they would not want you to celebrate it for only a short time, so they are inviting you to take advantage of the 1+1 beauty blowout where they double your money's worth. Treatments fit  for a month long celebration!

To know more about the 1+1 beauty blowout and see the services offered by Flawless,


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Take the New Crocs New You trip!

Since its debut here in the Philippines, I wanted to own a pair of Crocs because of the things I've been hearing about it. Like, it's very comfortable to wear for everyday use and you can wear it with casual clothes and it won't make you look like you're wearing pambahay like what flip-flops do.

Back then, they only sell the classic clogs in different colors and I did not know that it's the only style they were selling. I do not wear clogs so though it may be comfortable to wear, I am not gonna save money and buy one.

After reading The Beauty Junkee's post, I learned that Crocs has released a lot of new and stylish footwear and they also started the New Crocs New You campaign.

You can visit the site here: New Crocs New You

In there, you can try and take on a journey wearing Crocs by choosing a pair that best suits you.

Here are some screenshots of my trip:

And this is how my day turned out:
And you see that? After finishing, you can get a 20% discount voucher. Plus a chance to own the new iPad HD, Crocs shoes and a 3D/2N stay at Shangri-la Hotel.

I'm going to give my voucher to my sister for my nephew Gab. :)

Friday, 26 October 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

Women are always concerned about looking and staying beautiful, fresh and young especially when they hit the age of 20 or even younger. In my case, what I do is focus on taking care of my skin and staying fit as most people say that when you take care of those, it will help you look young and beautiful.

What many women do not know that it isn't just about taking care of your skin, going to the gym and many more because even just choosing the right undergarment will help with our concerns. But first and MOST importantly, you need to know the right size that perfectly fits your body.

Here's a video that might help which features Miss Bra Lady giving tips on finding the right bra size. (And yes... She goes by that name. Rest assured that her tips are correct!)

Now that I assume you know the right bra size for your body... The next important thing is finding the right type of undergarment.

So, would you buy a panty that says the days of the week or one with cute hearts, rainbows and unicorns on it? Certainly, you would not even want to own or still even have granny panties, would you?

Luckily for us ladies, Wacoal offers a collection of undergarments that not only perfectly fits your body but even your age!

The collection offers different styles to choose from; From Preppy to Sexy, surely the collection will cater to women of different ages. 

So I browsed through their collection for those who are in their 20's (in 3 months, I will be. Huhu!) and I found just the right pair for me!
SA 2022 Slightly padded half-cup t-shirt bra;
SJ3000 Seamless boyleg panty
I love t-shirt bras because they fit just right and I feel that I am perfectly covered THERE and and I like how it shapes under my shirt or blouse. It doesn't show that half of my twins are not "protected" because I'm wearing a shell type of bra - the one Ariel uses. =))

And, wear seamless panties so you don't have to worry that the garter of your panty is showing that you are currently suffering from an unbearable wedgie! Or, it will keep people wondering if you are wearing one. Haha!

Remember, You and I can Be Body Beautiful at ANY age with Wacoal. :)

Visit Wacoal's website and choose from 
their range of collection here:

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Run, Ross, Run!

Whenever I feel like I gained a few pounds and decide to sweat it all off, I worry about how will I lose weight. I am not a sporty person at all so I really have no idea on where to start and what exercises should I do.

My boyfriend, Marc, introduced me to Running. My first run was the NBA Fit - Air21 Run. I got to run alongside Coach Spoelstra of Miami Heat and some guys from the NBA who were with him. It was a 5k run and I almost died. Haha! A bit exaggerated though true but that's because of I had no training since I didn't really run or jog at all before the run and also lack of sleep due to excitement.

Now, I like running! I don't know why I decided to be serious about it but its not because Marc's into it too. Maybe because of those days when I have to wake up early and wish him good luck and ask him to take care before the marathon starts or maybe its the only sport that I don't have to compete with anyone and just enjoy running and hearing people gasping for air, giving up because they're damn tired after passing the 1KM mark, rushing to the water stations and grabbing 5 cups per second. That's fun, right? 

So for all of these to be possible, I have to stay committed to training, buy the essential gear then I'm all set.

Last night, I made a list of events that I will participate in. My goal is to join 5 out of 6 events in 5 months.

June 17, 2012

Run United 2 2012 - BGC
Petron Lakbay Alalay Fun Run - Ortigas

July 7, 2012

Robinsons Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run - BGC

July 29, 2012

Milo Marathon 2012 National Eliminations - MOA

August 12, 2012

Rexona Run - TBA

September 16, 2012

Run United 3 2012 - TBA

October 28, 2012

Run United Philippine Marathon - TBA

I will definitely save money for the RUPM. :)

And for those of you non-sporty girls like me who wants to be active, stay fit and lose weight, I recommend that you try running. Invite your friends to join a marathon, fun run or even a triathlon! 

Sexy ka na, mas magiging gala ka pa! Titibay paa at legs mo niyan!

For list of events and more, check out: