Wednesday, 16 January 2013

FReSH Fragrance Bar

For both men and women, it’s a turn on if you smell nice.  But with women, smelling nice is a bit trickier. Why? Well, for starters, we have there’s a wide range of perfume bases - Citrus Fruity, Musk, Woody, Fresh from the shower kind, fresh from laundry. HAHA! Anyway, it’s always difficult to choose the right perfume for you or more like for others, so the person you’re with won’t complain about how strong or how fruity your perfume is.  You know what I mean.

When you go to the mall, there are different stores that sell perfume. Like those little kiosks that sell the high-end perfumes by quantity and in small bottles but you actually don’t save money from buying there. I think they sell it for 50php/ml? Again, it’s pricey so people resort to a different perfume bar that sell perfumes that smell just like the original. Sometimes, they will tell you that it’s also the original perfume but I think that’s 90%water, 10% perfume because the smell just doesn’t last unlike the authentic one.

Luckily, we don’t have to settle for those anymore because now, we can get our hands on those perfumes that we have been eyeing for a long time!

FReSH fragrance bar is now open to so we can get a bottle of our favorite perfume or even the signature fragrance of our favorite celebrity because we don’t wait just for a new song, album or movie from them, we also wait for their newest perfume! FReSH has an extensive line of perfumes so it’s not just the signature fragrances of the celebrities, they also have the designer, sports and retail brands.

Thinking about how much it will cost you? Don’t you worry! They offer reasonable prices compared to department stores and flexible payment schemes and you can also be rewarded through their loyalty program and promotions.

FReSH fragrance bar also saves you from developing an allergy from looking for the perfect perfume for you. Their staff will assist you in finding the right perfume because they believe that choosing the right one should not be rushed – oh, like choosing the right partner, huh? :)

From now on, I won’t settle for the cheap and almost the original ones… For a long time now, I’ve wanted Paris Hilton’s Heiress perfume and I know where to get one!

To know where to get your perfume and further information about FReSH fragrance bar, visit their facebook page: