Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sweet Endings with My Cadbury Barkada

After a short break, we're back to work! Today's a very stressful day because...

1. It's freaking hot and cold outside. One minute it still feels like summer then the next, it's raining cats and dogs.
2. There are loads to do and it feels like it won't get easier later on the day.

Good thing, we can bond and still laugh while munching on these Cadbury bars... No matter how bad the situation is, there will be a sweet ending!

Success kid... Achievement Unlocked! #KITKATBreakMovement

So, if I were given a chance to unlock a skill, which one should I choose?

A. Unlimited energy
B. Sharp memory
C. Notorious Multitasker
D. An earner, saver and a giver
E. All of the above

Given the choices... I would like to unlock skill E, so I can be superhuman! (Well, not really but that’s how it would feel if I were able to possess all 4 skills)

I need to have lots of energy. Long day at work then in the afternoon, I go to the gym. Some days, I am not able to go to the gym because I feel very tired, worn out, stressed.

This is one thing I really need. Actually what was it that I need? Wait, let me think...Oh! A sharp memory! At work or at home, people just randomly throws a lot of things to do and sometimes, I can’t write down all of them and when I rely to my memory... Rewind... Play... All I hear are owls.

Do this and then do that while doing this after doing that, got it? OK! *Enough said*

Well this is one skill I need to learn and start doing already: Be an earner, saver and giver. I heard Walter Brown of Apex Mining Co. Inc. (he used to be a delivery man turned one of the richest in the Philippines and he is now in the Forbes list): Don’t spend money before you can make it. Simple enough but very hard to follow so I really need to discipline myself so I can start early!