Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Success kid... Achievement Unlocked! #KITKATBreakMovement

So, if I were given a chance to unlock a skill, which one should I choose?

A. Unlimited energy
B. Sharp memory
C. Notorious Multitasker
D. An earner, saver and a giver
E. All of the above

Given the choices... I would like to unlock skill E, so I can be superhuman! (Well, not really but that’s how it would feel if I were able to possess all 4 skills)

I need to have lots of energy. Long day at work then in the afternoon, I go to the gym. Some days, I am not able to go to the gym because I feel very tired, worn out, stressed.

This is one thing I really need. Actually what was it that I need? Wait, let me think...Oh! A sharp memory! At work or at home, people just randomly throws a lot of things to do and sometimes, I can’t write down all of them and when I rely to my memory... Rewind... Play... All I hear are owls.

Do this and then do that while doing this after doing that, got it? OK! *Enough said*

Well this is one skill I need to learn and start doing already: Be an earner, saver and giver. I heard Walter Brown of Apex Mining Co. Inc. (he used to be a delivery man turned one of the richest in the Philippines and he is now in the Forbes list): Don’t spend money before you can make it. Simple enough but very hard to follow so I really need to discipline myself so I can start early!

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