Friday, 26 October 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

Women are always concerned about looking and staying beautiful, fresh and young especially when they hit the age of 20 or even younger. In my case, what I do is focus on taking care of my skin and staying fit as most people say that when you take care of those, it will help you look young and beautiful.

What many women do not know that it isn't just about taking care of your skin, going to the gym and many more because even just choosing the right undergarment will help with our concerns. But first and MOST importantly, you need to know the right size that perfectly fits your body.

Here's a video that might help which features Miss Bra Lady giving tips on finding the right bra size. (And yes... She goes by that name. Rest assured that her tips are correct!)

Now that I assume you know the right bra size for your body... The next important thing is finding the right type of undergarment.

So, would you buy a panty that says the days of the week or one with cute hearts, rainbows and unicorns on it? Certainly, you would not even want to own or still even have granny panties, would you?

Luckily for us ladies, Wacoal offers a collection of undergarments that not only perfectly fits your body but even your age!

The collection offers different styles to choose from; From Preppy to Sexy, surely the collection will cater to women of different ages. 

So I browsed through their collection for those who are in their 20's (in 3 months, I will be. Huhu!) and I found just the right pair for me!
SA 2022 Slightly padded half-cup t-shirt bra;
SJ3000 Seamless boyleg panty
I love t-shirt bras because they fit just right and I feel that I am perfectly covered THERE and and I like how it shapes under my shirt or blouse. It doesn't show that half of my twins are not "protected" because I'm wearing a shell type of bra - the one Ariel uses. =))

And, wear seamless panties so you don't have to worry that the garter of your panty is showing that you are currently suffering from an unbearable wedgie! Or, it will keep people wondering if you are wearing one. Haha!

Remember, You and I can Be Body Beautiful at ANY age with Wacoal. :)

Visit Wacoal's website and choose from 
their range of collection here:

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