Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Flawless Beauty Transformation

I'll start this with a confession although this is embarrassing.

So, I had dark underarms because of a bad reaction to a foot and underarm powder - I won't name the product but it's for the foot and underarm and it's cheap. That was in grade school, when puberty hit and all of the insecurities started to pour in. I used to think that having sweaty underarms will cause bad odor so I started using deodorant even though I don't have B.O. I prevented something to happen and look what I got.

It pretty much became a huge insecurity until now. I can't buy clothes that are sleeveless or even ones that has sleeves but when you raise your arm, it will show a tiny bit of your underarms. Although even before having dark underarms, I never really wore sleeveless clothes because it doesn't suit me, i think? I honestly do not know because I haven't had the chance to wear sleeveless clothes because of that.

As I grew older, I started to work out of that insecurity. I kept researching for methods, home remedies, treatments that would make my underarms lighter and I was a little successful. I use baking soda and sunflower seed oil and my underarms are lighter than before BUT I have lived with the insecurity long enough that I still am not able to wear sleeveless clothes or even see and believe that my underarms are not that dark anymore.

The last method that I found and want to try is Laser Hair Removal

I want this badly but it's too pricey! I even asked my parents to give me this as a graduation gift but they said no. Huhu! I read a lot of reviews that it helps in achieving smoother and lighter underarms. I really envy those who have underarms as smooth as their legs or their face which I call the Hollywood underarm. Most celebrities and singers have underarms like crazy smooth and you really won't see any trace of hair or anything!

Luckily! Nuffnang and Flawless partnered up to give a chance to ladies like me to say bye bye to the insecurities that are holding us back in being the gorgeous ladies that we are. And... If luck would be on my side, I would like to have a Laser Hair Removal done in Flawless so I can have a Flawless, Hollywood underarms I've been dreaming of! It's also about time to debut my underarms! Let them see the light of day! Haha! I will be attending my college's diplomatic dinner ( I study International Relations) in March and I plan on wearing a sleeveless gown and dress on my graduation. I hope I get to feel beautiful and be liberated from the insecurity I've been holding on to.

Also, to celebrate their 11th birthday, Flawless declared December as National Flawless Month. But they would not want you to celebrate it for only a short time, so they are inviting you to take advantage of the 1+1 beauty blowout where they double your money's worth. Treatments fit  for a month long celebration!

To know more about the 1+1 beauty blowout and see the services offered by Flawless,


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